International collaboration in the world of microbiome-meet MIBIOME !

MiBiome™ Advanced Topical Suspension is an innovative all natural product, formulated with SEKDA™ Probiotic Complex which has a positive impact on the dermal microbiome by improving red, dry and scaly skin, often associated with psoriasis and eczema.  Extensive research shows, that the microbiome of unhealthy skin differs from that of healthy skin. Based on this research, ClearSkin scientists have developed an innovative suspension enriched with our unique SEKDA™ Probiotic Complex. MiBiome™ Advanced Topical Suspension acts as a skin probiotic, rebalancing the dermal microbiome. MiBiome™ development is supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority and multiple patents have been submitted. Each ingredient was chosen for it’s known beneficial dermal characteristics to leave your skin smoother, more nourished, soothed and more pleasant to the touch. For more information and to order a product visit