How time spent outside benefits your healthy skin microbiome?

For plenty of us spending time outside is mission impossible, closed spaces, lack of time, finding it hard to adjust to the outside conditions...the truth is you are just a click away from your favourite show on Netflix so why bother putting those shoes on. Here is how it goes. We should  know that being outside helps not only our mental state but our physical one as well. Spending time outdoors has been proven to lower stress levels and increase positive feelings. Still, now more and more studies are coming out where science is proving that it is good for our bodies as well, and specifically, our skin microbiomes. So let’s dive in deeper to learn more about how exactly spending time outdoors can help all of those amazing microorganisms that make up our skin surface. So what exactly is a skin microbiome? Your skin microbiome is the population of microorganisms mainly viruses/bacteria and fungi that are living on the surface of your skin. You can think of their diversity as rainforests, with all different kinds of species that thrive in the right environment and work together. These microbes are collectively referred to as the skin microbiome and can be thought of as separate, multi-functional organs within the body. The development of the microbiome begins at birth when a new-born baby’s tract is first exposed to microbes in the vaginal birth canal. However, emerging evidence suggests babies may come into contact with microbes even earlier while in the womb! :) Bacteria from soil, plants, and air transfer to your body when you go outside bringing skin health benefits. They transfer from green spaces to humans, even with a realistically short exposure like a time spent in a park or afternoon on the beach. Given the correlation between microbiome diversity and the skin health together with reduced risk of allergies put your shoes on and go out ! Try taking a short walk around the neighbourhood in the morning, your lunch break on a park bench, if those aren’t possible, even being surrounded with a houseplants while working from home can have a positive benefit for your mental and physical body. If you can regularly garden or take the time to go on hikes, even better, but if you're only able to do something small such as stand in some grass (remember to take your shoes off) for 5 minutes at a time, anything is better than nothing. And you will feel better for it! Your skin microbiome will give back with gorgeous & glowing skin!

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